Poker Indicator

Poker Indicator 1.6.9

An accurate poker odds calculator

With the best features it provides, Poker Indicator is an absolute must for anyone who plays at real money Texas Hold'em tables. It has the following features:

  • Auto-reads your cards, auto-attaches itself to your game table. Absolute no input required from you. Easy to use, easy to understand.
  • Fits your game table better than ANY other odds calculator on the market. So you can better focus on your game play without too much distraction.
  • More accurate poker odds calculation than ANY other odds tool. Gives odds that you can trust to beat your opponents who may play by luck of the draw.
  • Opponent Stats helps you better understand your opponent's play styles. You can run Poker Indicator for a while to collect information for players on a table before jumping into it - NO tool on the market has this feature!
  • Auto-displays your opponent's mucked hands at showdown. It's a big advantage to you.
  • Shows EV and Sklansky Group for your pre-flop hand, which fully describe how strong or weak your starting hand is.
  • Display total outs and the outs hitting a particular hand.
  • Pot odds display to help you justify your call; NUTS hand recognition is also a nice feature.
  • Support multi-tables at a time - NO odds tool on the market can do it!
  • Supports over online poker rooms.

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Poker Indicator


Poker Indicator 1.6.9

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